This is such a bad idea.
Me: the country cant run on virtues and values instilled in the damn 40s
Me: so much has changed that half of it doesnt even make sense to still have anymore
Me: -every other country in the world- except themselves and some places in europe understands that
Me: but nope not america, its got too huge of an ego and too much misplaced pride to bother trying to adapt to a new age
Me: in fact
Me: there you go, thats the best comparison
Me: The United States
Me: Is the Chris-Chan
Me: Of Earth.
Me: i shouldnt have to compare beyond that
Me: i mean look at it; a place that calls itself a benevolent place to be in when in reality it's fat, washed up and hasn't grown up for decades and has grown an ego so huge and an aggrandized self-image so impenetrable that its impossible to reason with
Friend: god that analogy works far too well
Me: did i just
Me: blow everyones fucking mind right there
Friend: Yes
Friend: Yes you did
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